The Game Creators’ Odyssey training program is proudly offered by the institutions below.

Please note that the conditions for admissibility are established by each institution separately.
Contact them for more information!

Concordia University is a comprehensive university in Montreal, Canada.
Its constant objective is to search for innovative solutions and make positive contributions to society.

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The Conservatoire national des arts et métiers in French Polynesia is a public higher education and research organization in France. It offers more than 500 national diplomas in science, industry and the tertiary sector, accessible in evening classes or by distance learning.

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Between technique and art, the video game requires an artistic sense and unique know-how.
Awakening the passion and revealing the sensitivity of our students is the meaning of our commitment.

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With two campuses, Lusófona University Porto and Lisbon, offers degrees in Video Game Development, Audiovisual Creation, Multimedia and Animation, among others. Combining research and a hands-on approach, we aim at the creation of excellent games and portfolios.

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Programmes taught in English by an international full-time faculty, students coming from all over the world, international research cooperation, programme development with international partners, research centers and international faculty exchange are key features of Rennes School of Business.

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System Development & Gaming Center of Excellence aims to spread the technological awareness of the Electronic games development among the Egyptian youth to enrich the Egyptian market thus preserving the Egyptian culture and identity.

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We want the world to experience brilliant games; ones full of adventure, surprise and intrigue – the ones you can’t put down, and those you talk about for days. Across the world, we partner with developers and publishers to realise their creative visions by providing meaningful insight into how real players experience play.

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“Game Creators’ Odyssey is a very interesting and useful complement to game making learning.
A true “level up” to your game development knowledge!”

Lusofona University

“The Game Creators’ Odyssey is an excellent experience making the teaching of Game and Level Design attractive. Clean and well-designed, it has allowed our students to improve their skills in these areas.”

Valentin Livi, Interactive Art & Design